Unemployment rate is falling – says the newest data from Central Statistical Office

Unemployment is one of the hot topics which has been the talk of the employers as well as those looking for a job. The latest research done by the Central Statistical Office shows that in October the rate of unemployment has dropped again, reaching 8,2 per cent.

Consistent drop for the benefit of the unemployed

The Central Statistical Office announced on Friday that the unemployment rate in October is at 8,2 per cent. It is quite an achievement when comparing it with September this year, which set the rate of unemployment at 8,3 per cent. However, there is no significant progress when it comes to cities with the highest value of unemployment and the lowest ones.

The West stays the same

Poznań remains as the leader among the cities with the lowest value unemployment with the rate of 2,1 per cent. The job hunt has been the hardest for the residents of Mazovia, more precisely in the Szydłowiecki region. There the unemployment reached 27,3 per cent. Consistently it is easier to find a job for the residents of bigger cities. Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice are at a similar level to Poznań.

Voivodship with the lowest value of unemployment

The calculations are no different when it comes to the Polish regions. The Greater Poland, Lesser Poland and Silesian voivodeships are the regions with a relatively low unemployment rate which is holding at 5-6 per cent. It is way more difficult to find a job in Łódź, Lower Silesian and West Pomerania region, where the rate nears 10 per cent. The situation is the worst in the Warmian-Masurian (13,6%) and Subcarpathian (11,3%).

The increase in employment… and what else?

As is it stressed by the specialists, the increase in the number of people working under a contract of employment is not everything. The salary and working conditions have undergone a change for the better as well. The changes within the law are also in favour of the positive effect. Thanks to the regulations, in regard to the hourly wage and minimum wage, more people are able to enjoy a stable employment.