Virtual reality for Xbox One

VR technology is still new and is constantly being improved. However, this has not reduced the enormous popularity of these devices, which are slowly becoming the standard in the homes of teenagers and children. Reports say, VR goggles have become number one on the list of desirable Christmas gifts.

Consoles always backwards

The fight between console lovers and PC fans has been going on for years. Both sides consider themselves better than the other. The same arguments are shouted in the faces of opponents or aggressively typed on Internet forums or social media. However, in the dispute of who was first to use the virtual reality, the crown goes to PC. PCs had access to virtual reality from the very beginning. After all, there is already a considerable number of game titles available to anyone, who has the appropriate technological equipment.

But finally, console owners can also learn what it's like to play their favorite games, while feeling they’re literally in the middle of the action. As early as next month, Xbox One owners will receive a special application, which will allow them to use the cinema mode with virtual rooms available.

Where does this conflict come from?

The discussion extends to every aspect of enjoying this multimedia entertainment. Consoles have always been and are considered weaker in every possible way. From convenience and full control over the game thanks to using the keyboard and mouse, instead of a bulky controller, to visual compliments. Computers have access to a higher resolution and better image quality than what consoles are able to offer. Although, it is slowly changing – consoles are getting better at providing almost equally as good quality of graphics.

New technologies also don't like consoles

Many manufacturers of innovative technologies that are designed to enhance the gaming experience, openly say that their products are intended only for computers. Furthermore, they often add that they are not going to introduce version of their games dedicated for consoles. Despite such a large market players on consoles, they are still not taken seriously. It seems that in the computer versus console discussion, the PC once again wins.

Equipment itself is quite problematic

We live in the age, where new technology today becomes outdated tomorrow. In gaming industry it basically means very often players have to buy new equipment to be able to fully enjoy the game. It might be as small as replacing graphic card and as big as getting a completely new monitor and PC. Both options are of course quite pricy as an one-time investment and become outrageous when are required more than once per year.

It’s not better in the consoles world, but in this case you can’t simply just buy new parts or install a newer software. Instead basically every year you’re obliged to buy a completely new console, which – sure, has better specs, but more often they just different in the outer design. But newly released games won’t work anymore with older models. So you end up buying a new console every single year.